Alex Mulder is an award winning Designer & Creative Director with over 15 years' experience focusing on Concepts, Product Acceleration & Innovation.

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He is proud to have have worked with both established and new brands alike, such as: Jameson Whiskey, Kobalt Music, BBC, Universal Music, Google, Discovery Channel, LG, FT, Wired, Samsung, NFL, Fujitsu, Orange, SantanderMinicabit and soundjack, to name a few.

Alex describes himself as a Visual Raconteur, using the art of storytelling to develop emotive brand stories that work on multiple digital media channels. He is currently focused on the use of technology in Emotional Intelligence and how this can be beneficial to both students and teachers. 

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Selected Projects





This is where we explore the project, identifying key challenges with the objective to accurately scope the creative and technical requirements.

Discovery Workshop / Business Mapping / Consumer insight testing / Brand immersion



Create is based around iteration and exploring as many mistakes as possible while pushing the boundaries of the brief.

Workshop / Concept Moodboards / User Experience / Design




The design concept is tested through a series of prototypes, animations and user testing. This is to validate the creative decisions and to ensure that project is build ready.

Prototyping / User testing / Interaction & Animation / Asset Creation



With the two previous phases completed the Implementation phase is focused on build quality.

Build & implementaion / Testing / QA / Analytics




Mobile Prototyping 101

Prototyping is becoming an essential part of the process for making mobile products that matter — both interactions and OS capabilities are becoming more complex and feature-rich — yet designers strive for simple elegant final results that don’t confuse users.

Work in progress


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